Five years after Nightwish, Tarja Turunen has been very instructive and busy. In the interview she admits that everything has been too much, but her love for singing and music have kept her mind focused.

Just released her album, What Lies Beneath, Tarja Turunen has get a real deep breath during the last summer. There are at least two reasons, both produce in -The second album was the conclusion of a long process. Two years ago, I wrote the first song on this album, but the conclusion was very fragmented, Tours on friendly terms, then I manage the stop and concentrate on writing.

2OO9 year was hectic for Turunen, because she not only toured, but the projects themselves call to promote at the same time. Now is a time when the album What Lies Beneath is completed, so Turunen can not rest on the laurels. The promotion of the album and upcoming tours have taken a momentary break before the extensive travels.

-I’m working and singing all the time. Now I got to spend some time at home, that feels really good. I’m with my husband and at some point I noticed and was wondering if at some point I should stop and take time for myself, but all I got, I managed to make a good environment and has come to correct the fatigue. But now I could be here in my home in Buenos Aires a little over a month, so this has been absolutely wonderful. I cleaned every day and has been a great therapy!

You Never Stop Learning

Tarja Turunen admits that after Nightwish times has been difficult to learn. Suddenly it was not the style of Tuomas Holopainen in the songs, for this factor compositions and production mechanism to start a solo career was entirely new. So after five years she decides to take all the reins in her own hands. Responsibility for the production was an important decision.

-On the first album of all time, was new when I has a producer and give myself to new musicians and new label. After that I knew exactly what I wanted, but of course I was tremendously excited when the drummer went to the studio. Then I thought maybe I could work on this, but it was incredibly well. I have a deep trust with all musicians and they with me, those things make everything go as it should.

At some point you think you were tested?

-After all, there were moments when something should be done over and over again, but that always happens. You have to try other ways and experiment. No problem, however, it could be otherwise, but it was well and probably I should thank everyone who came because I was never felt really alone. Also helped that I knew exactly what I wanted and that’s why it sounds like this.

In What Lies Beneath, musically, the album gets to go from classical to heavy metal. A long distance for a singer.

“Exactly. A long distance as an artist and singer I have traveled in such a short career. Yes, that sounds like the album, is what I like to listen musically. In a way it sounds corny, but true. Also I really hear many kinds of music.

I believe that you’re listening, because the cover Still of the Night  of Withesnake has come as a bonus track. This explains it better.

-Hahahaa! I’ve already suggested, sometimes, make the cover to Nightwish, but for some reason or another, the proposal was not done properly.

-The truth is that my brother seven years older than me listened a lot to Whitesnake, Alice Cooper and then by example. Guns’N Roses. I’ve always liked Whitesnake and Still of the Night has an amazing “section- c”, for long i been wanted to make a new and bombastic choral arrangement. Well, now it is done.

Did you think in other covers?

-Yes. Think about how many great songs have been made. It was terribly difficult to choose one. Another was House of Wax  of Paul McCartney. Is such a great song, however I keep it to make it one day.

In this world there are “sacred” songs that you would not do no matter the price?

-Yes! Many, for example: Peter Gabriel has many fine parts that I would not want anyone touching it, now you know it.

Buenos Aires rejoicing Turunen who reveals happy. All I can deduce is that the woman is happy.
-Yes, I am. I live every day at time, and learned to enjoy the moment. It’s wonderful to be happy and loved. I hope to keep myself positive and hope can take it wherever I´ll go.

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