Hello, it's a pleasure to see you in France two times in one month, especially as your last concert here was 3 years ago! How do you feel?
Tarja: I am really excited about it, especially now that my album will finally be released in France. I am also happy when I think about what happened some time ago and see that now my album will be available in France. I hope the French people will like it and find it interesting.

What memories do you have of the concert in Paris on the 10th of October? Was the public more receptive than at your concert in 2007?
Tarja: You know, it was a real pleasure for me to have been heard on tht day, especially as I was not feeling well (here I think she means that it was because she found out about the album not being released). I was surpised to see how many people had come. The concert was great because when you are passionate then it shows in the music. And to see that made me happy. Playing here is fun because I have many fans in this country, and they know me well. It is true tht the previous concert was far, far too well. I was wondering about it all this time and, on reflection, I think it was because of the tour and the preparation of the album.

Talking about WLB, this album is defnitely heavier and more powerful than MWS. With numerous collaborations and surprises, can you explain the process of creating the album and the main differences between it and MWS?
Tarja: It took me 2 years to finish all the songs. At the moment when I was writing them, I was not sure on which direction to go or how to use the material that I had written. When I finished WLB, I immediately realized the title of the album and the musical direction I wanted to go. I was happy with the name because it sounds relly good and it represents really well what I wanted to to say about the mysteries that lie in people. The process was long because I was on tour when I was writing the songs. And when you are on tour you are very concentrated on the concerts and not so much on composing. It was long, but fn, I was working with the same musicians and the same people in the studio. It was a lot easier than the previous album.

The most original song is obviously Anteroom of Death, how did you get the idea to compose this song and especially this intro?
Tarja: I'm just being a monster (laughs). You have to believe me. I was in the Caribbean, which is a wonderful island, and I was on the terrace of my place, drinking my coffee when i heard a noise (makes a noise) and I told myself that it was a very ironic sound, and also happy. I told myself I could use it. I told my friends and we started to write the song with different tempos, and with a progressive aspect like Bohemian Rhapsody, as I am a big fan of Queen. To me that is the greatest song in the history of music.
I wanted this song to be a single of the album, but the label told me that it can't be a single because I wasn't the only one who composed it. But I don't see myself as the only songwriter. I prefer to be creative and to focus on one song. I don't follow the trends and the fashion that is going on in the music world at the moment. I have my own style and I believe in it. I also have freedom in writing music. Anteroom of Death is very shocking to my fans, and this is part of that freedom that I have as an artist and it's a good thing.

It is not very common for a solo artist to have almost the same line-up. Do you think that in the future the musicians will be integrated in a band, will they appear like a real band?
Tarja: We have not been talking about this. Everybody is busy with certain projects. But I think the guys would be scared about playing in a band, they are happy about being on tour. I'm not saying I wouldn't want to be part of a band, it could be possible. At the moment I am really happy with these musicians and it feels like a band. For example, WLB would not be the same without these people, without their passion. We all worked together, and it would be different without them. Having them is a gift.

Will you make another video to promote the album?
Tarja: I love videos, I love cameras and filming. I liked filming our time in the studio to show our work. We had a really great time, like a family in a studio.
I love videos in general, and the visual part of them, but I don't know if and which song would be chosen as an other video.

How did you get the idea to invite Phil Labonte to sing on Dark Star? We heard him on the chorus, was it your choice or his? How did you get the idea to use this kind of voice on your song?
Tarja: Dark Star was the longest song to do, and until I recorded the vocals for it I thought something was missing. It was good, but it lacked something. I was talking with my husband about a duet, but a true duet, because that was what the song needed. I wanted something more powerful. I was crying because my voice I have a powerful voice but that was all. It's nice and clear but I wanted something darker. And then we immediately thought of Phil. I contacted him, we discussed about it on Skype and he was excited about it. He did a great job and I'm really happy.

The French fans had difficulties in finding your album, can you tell us more about your collaboration with XIII Bis Records? What will it mean for French fans?
Tarja: I have already worked with XIII Bis Records with the first 3 Nightwish albums, and they did a good job. I am happy about working with them again because they know me and I enjoy working with people who know me.
In addition, you will have a wonderful edition with the 3 bonus songs, all videos, and a 15 minutes of making of.

Which is your favorite metal band? Which one influences you?
Tarja: Actually this depends, sometime I listen to Slipknot, or other more brutal bands. But on the other side I also like Korn and Disturbed when I go running. I also listen to rock and classical music and film music, especially those that are instrumental. Film music relaxes me, it's a real passion for me.

What do you think of the evolution of your career? And how do you think it will be in the future?
Tarja: It was like a journey, it is hard to explain. Six or seven years ago I couldn't think of where I am now. I was born ina village of 500 people and now I am living in Buenos Aires, with 15 million people. It was a huge journey. My life is a journey, it's like a gift, it is unbelievable. have amazing fans, and I can make music, which is my passion. I don't want to change anything because I am really happy with that.

In the end of the interview, the last words are yours...
Tarja: I hope to come here again soon. I saw that the album was not available in France and I was very disappointed, so when my husbadn told me we had another offer, I was very happy. Thank you!

English translation: Arina