Before you will go on tour in Germany in May 2011 you will perform a couple of classical shows in Finland – just like the years before. Have the shows become a tradition for you?

It really seems like it will become a tradition. I love ending a year with a few contemplative, quiet shows. The atmosphere of the classical concerts is very different from a rock show, I enjoy that. The work for these concerts also challenges my classical voice and I have to train it intensely. I feel that it’s very good for me.

Where will the christmas concerts take place this year?

We will start our tour in Oulu on November 29th and guest for 5 shows in 4 churches and one beautiful concert hall.

Is it a difference for you to perform a classical concert or a rock show?

That even makes a very big difference! At classical shows I have to concentrate a lot more on my singing technique and my interpretation of the songs. I have less equipment; most of the times not even a real amplifier. It’s only my voice that counts.
Rock shows with all their trimmings and the band are more relaxed for me; I also don’t have to sing with my full voice all the time. Entertaining is more important here, I have to move much more and while I’m singing I have to animate the people to join in.

You’re an artist that is touring a lot and therefore being away from home for a long time. Do you like this life?

I love being on stage and feeling the fans during the shows, feeling how they join the music. It gives me incredibly much energy and happiness. However I don’t sleep very well in the tour bus and feel like a zombie at the next day. That’s the less beautiful part of touring. The travelling can be exhausting also.

Do you miss home when you‘re on tour?

Very rarely. What I miss much more is a nice, quiet night in a real bed and the possibility to sleep as long as I want to. As I said, that’s not really possible in the bus. However, when a tour ends I’m always looking forward to come home again and always enjoy the time there.

You’re a true cosmopolitan – as a born Finn you moved to Argentina with your husband. During your studies you have been living in Germany. Where do feel at home actually?

I’ve learnt to feel at home wherever I am. Sometimes it even works in hotels when I have a few homelike things like perfumed candles or a CD with relaxing music. I love Buenos Aires very much – an awesome and exciting city. I like the busy atmosphere there, but also the green landscape when you leave the city. However I’m not a person that has to stay at the same place forever and I can imagine very well living somewhere completely different in a few years.

Is there something important for you that you always have with you on tour?

Echinacea drops. They make me fit and I feel relaxed to know that I have them if I’d need them.

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