What was the most funny thing that happened to you during your career as a professional singer? Is there a short story?

My trousers once ripped during a show. I wore black pants that were incredibly tight and yellow underwear. I noticed when my they ripped and ran backstage to search for black tape to repair them. The show continued meanwhile and I somewhen returned wearing a towel around my hips. That’s how I ended the show.

What was your worst job so far?

That was probably when I was a waitress at one of those cruise ships. The job should have lasted 3 months actually but it ended after 1,5 months when the captain grabbed my ass because I was the only girl on board. I gave him a smack and left the ship as soon as possible.

What has your personal highlight of your career been so far?

The fact that I can live my dreams is a constant highlight in my life. There’s no certain moment, there are so many that I’m grateful for every single day.

Did you ever forget in which hotel or city you are when you woke up?

Yes, that happends very often. I especially never know my room number when going to take breakfast.

You just HAVE to ask this a rockstar. Did you ever damaged your hotel room?

NO! Allthough I’ve already seen it, I’d never do it, the hotel room is my home and I’d never damage my home.

What can your fans expect when attending your tour?

It’ll be the bomb thanks to the musicians that participate. We’re very much looking forward to go on tour again and play the music that we’ve been preparing for you for such a long time. It’ll be powerful concert, with a lot of emotions. We will rock you!

Being a game magazine, we simply have to ask: Do you sometimes play computer/console – games?

To be honest: No. I’m really bad in such games and just play with my iPhone from time to time. Although I have a Play Station 3, I never have the time to play.

English translation: Helen