Evita 10/2010


(pictures from left to right)

Dark hair is my thing
Good lord! This picture is taken for my first article in a women's magazine when the band started. The boys were pretty shocked about my new, short hairdo. I feel like a brunette. I dyed my hair black when I was 15 or 16. I was in art school at the time and looking for my identity. I moved to live by myself and was testing my boundaries, not that I was a rebel.

I still love challenges
I was only 19 when I was asked to join Nightwish. I loved the challenge. I've always been a dreamer and nuts to jump at the unknow. I hope that the fire of dreams never goes out because of that I've had so many great changes. In life choices you always loose but also gain something.

It's bliss to be together
My husband has volume in his hair in this picture. We'll see if our kids will have naturally curly hair. We are always together with Marcelo. We even write lyrics together. He's so talented. Many asks doesn't it annoy me at times to look at his face. No it doesn't. The love has only grown during the years. Of course we exchange opinions firmly at times, but that's part of the deal.

I want to look like my music sounds
This coat was made for the video shoot for 'I feel Immortal'. I like to wear dramatic cloak like coats when I perform. I got my first leather pants with my mum from a sex shop. Where else would we have looked for outfits for my first shows? Many are suprised how small I am, 'cause on stage I look like two meters long with a big voice.

I like powerful dark red
I feel most comfortable in black but if I wear color, they're deep colors. I like clothes that let out my leo personality. In home in Buenos Aires I dress more muted because if we go out, people will notice me for my looks as it is. Our marriage was blessed at that church in Kitee.

Tarja Turunen: I forget to listen myself at times

Your characteristics: I have long, dark hair, round cheeks and a soprano's laugh. Also the sound of heels follows me everywhere.
Yout strongest feature: I've gotten my positive energy from my mother. Things can never go so badly that there isn't something good. If someone isn't feeling good, I'm the first one to offer my shoulder.
Your most beautiful feature: I'm happy with my face: my cheek bones and vivid eyes. Wrinkles are now an everyday thing, but I'll just have to accept them.
Your most vain feature: I stress about thing in advance. I worry about things and can't sleep. I stress about my strength and how my voice will cope. But when the time comes, I go through stone.
Your favourite complex: Since I was a little girl I've hated my calfs which are like Maradonna's. A year ago I sang for princess Victoria and the tv-crew, to my horror, had chosen short dresses for me. The next day a fan said online that (s)he loves my legs: She has real legs! I started to analyze what the word real ment.
Your change objective: I work out regurlarly but now I have to concentrate on toning my bum. Also my neck needs work. I have so much tension from moshing that at times I feel dizzy. I want to learn to stop. Many moments have passed me by when I haven't stopped and listened how I feel. Now also the desire of family has sparked.

Scan & translation to English by: Afrodite