Tarja Turunen returns to Chile to perform on March 23, to promote her last album "What Lies Beneath" The singer talks with PowerMetal.cl about her new work, a review of her career and about the musicians who accompany her at the concert in Teletón Theatre.

Greetings, Tarja! Foremost, we would like to thank you for your time and tell you that it´s an honor to interview you. In March 23 we will have again the chance to see you live and direct in our country, this time to promote your second solo album. Could you tell us what make you most excited to come to Chile?
How adorable the fans are there, and the mood/atmosphere that occurs in my concerts. I'm really waiting to perform for you again! It has been a while.

There are many people anxious to know who are the musicians, who will accompany you on this tour, can you tell us?
Yes, of course, those who will play with me are Max Lilja on cello, Doug Wimbish on bass, Alex Scholpp on guitar, Christian Kretschmar on keyboards and Mike Terrana on drums.

You have said that What Lies Beneath is a very personal work, in fact, is the result of your efforts as a producer. Considering this, how do you see your possible development in production and recording process for the following records?
I think it will be again as a natural process. What I learned from What Lies Beneath production process, was the need to trust in my instincts and the people who I had chosen to work with. Produce my second album on my own was not too difficult because I never felt that I was left alone with the decisions I took. I always had people around me with whom to discuss things and fix them. I think my third album will be very strong again, from a woman who loves being free to tell her emotions and creativity.

Let's talk a little about your guests on What Lies Beneath. Under which criteria did you choose those who participate in it?
I wanted to work with those people who I knew pretty well and I knew, I could count with their talent and passion. I knew that they would give their best for my art and they did. Though some people may not seem us like a band, I feel that I have a band with me. All the boys put much effort into the arrangements of the songs, so many of the songs were changing in the Studio. I sent the demos of each of the tracks before and I told them to expect to meet us to discuss face to face. I wanted them to feel free and played freely. There is a good reason for each of the musicians who are playing with me in this album. Their personality, their playing way, etc. We enjoy making music together and that is easy to see in our performance.

In previous tours and performances here in South America you have shared the stage with some of the best musicians, how was to work with such Latin-American legends as Walter Giardino and Kiko Loureiro?
They are great guitarists; both are very different types of guitarists. I have been lucky to work with Walter and Kiko. Both share a love for music and have their dreams to working on it. I think, for them has been something like a challenge, to work with me, because I'm a different kind of singer, not the stereotypical heavy metal singer and so is my music, is a little different and requires a more open mind from the musicians side. But I guess it was a nice challenge. We're friends with Walter, today and always is good to talk about music and life with him. And in any case he has seen a lot more than me in his long career.

We know that since you were a teenager you heard Scorpions and I imagine that was a huge surprise when you got the call from Klaus to participate in Sting In The Tail. But what was your reaction when they told you that they going to use your tunes and your vocal harmonies?
It was a huge honor for me. When I was talking with Klaus on the phone, I had to pinch myself more than once to make sure I was not dreaming! It's so nice that they have seen my work and have wanted me to participate in their latest album. Although I didn't know that when I recorded the song and only heard about it later, and yes ... it was a SHOCK for me. My name is on the last Scorpions album! Wow! That just made me realize that if you stop dreaming, you never get to progress in life. I've never stopped dreaming, so this kind of things happen to me for this reason. It really was a good collaboration and I would to add that Scorpions guys are truly very nice.

Tell us, how has your career been in the classical scene? How do you manage to administrate your time in between heavy metal/rock and Opera?
I have a singing teacher in Buenos Aires and every time I go home, I visit her once or twice a week. I feel like I’m still making progress as a classical singer. And I wouldn’t want that to change. I feel like the learning process of singing will never be over and that there is always work to be done with your voice. I love singing and I love to sing classical music. Having a better understanding of my instrument helps me to sing better, regardless of the music being Opera or Rocl. If all goes well, I’ll be recording a classical album next year, so that will be a really big change for me. Having classical concerts in between my rock concerts is always complex vocally for me. But I love the fact that I can do both. Nobody will ever be able to make me choose between both styles, because both make me feel complete. I practice my classical singing every day even when I’m on tour with the rock concerts, so singing is a way of life for me.

Through some stories about your life we have noticed that, as a woman, you have managed to stand out in a scene with a majority of masculine figures and we admire the fact that you’re not one of those artists who attach themselves to a certain stereotype. ¿What do you think about artists whose music is not written by themselves, but for them to follow a certain trend?
In general, it’s not easy being a musician nowadays. The competition becomes bigger and tougher and record companies don’t sell anymore, so it’s really hard to overcome the hardships of the music industry as an artist. And as they say, everything has already been written once or twice before. I mean, it’s really difficult to create something new. However, I have always followed my own instincts and the signals which have been appearing to me along the way. Music is art, and art is to bring emotions to the audience. It is a privilege to have the possibility to be a musician and to enjoy your work. Not many people can really do that. I think that us, musicians, we are all in a way dreamers, because that awareness of the emotions that are involved in music is what connects us. We are very sensitive beings in general and I don’t think that anyone can make music just because someone tells them what to do o because they want to follow a certain trend or fashion. At least I couldn’t do it. I have also sung music that I have not written for almost 9 years, in Nightwish. But I never felt like I was not a part in its creation or its passion. I think that a lot of singers have found their own style. It’s definitely not easy to find out and it takes time. Besides, not every artist has the courage to do it. Other thatn that, it’s a decition that we should respect.

A lot of people follow your career since the release of albums like “Angels fall first” and “Oceanborn”. Well, it’s been quite a long time since then and nowadays you’re almost a worldwide phenomenon. Could you tell us how and in what measure has all of this affected your life?

If you think about the fact that I was born in the small village of Puhos in Finland, and that now I live in a huge city like Buenos Aires, you realize that in fact there has been a huge trip in between. My life hasn’t been anything other than normal this past 10 years. Although it has been a great journey, through different cultures and experiences. I wouldn’t change any of them, because all of those experiences have made me who I am today. I am the kind of person that works hard, I want things to be perfect and well done. Sometimes even, I work too hard for the things that I want to accomplish but life has shown me that I have to live my dreams now. You can never really know when the time will come to say goodbye to all that you love, so I want to enjoy what I do. Living in a more open culture, as is the argentinean culture, has also taught me a lot. Today I can talk about things that I couldn’t talk about before. Success has its ups and downs. Now I am more careful with people, because I have had some experiences where I have been used without even noticing it. I choose more carefully my friends and the people with whom I share my private life.

Finally, are you still in touch with Nightwish’s fan club and with Nightwish fans in general?
I have my own fans, the band has theirs, and we also share a lot of fans. So yes, I keep in touch with my fans.

Thank you so much for your time, Tarja. We wish you all the best and we are glad that you are happy and free with your project. Please, could you send some message to your fans who visit Powermetal.cl? And by the way, if you want to you can invite them to your show at Teleton theatre.
I would like to thank you all for being there for me through all these years. Without you there wouldn’t be a me! I am very excited about the fact that I have the chance to sing for you next March. I hope to see you all at the concert. Thank you for everything. See you soon! Love, Tarja.

English Translation: Foxsy and Manxita