Where you came from and where are you heading?
I just came from London to my home in Buenos Aires. Next week i go to Germany and in December i´m heading to Finland.

What do you do before concerts?
Peaceful breakfast is important. I try not to speak and save my voice. I do breathing exercises, work out and eat light. Everything has to to be ready couple hours before concert that i can focuse on the show.

Do you have time to go sightseeing?
I always try to do quick tourist route. Shopping of course belongs the days when i don´t have a concert. I also love photographing because pictures are best way to see where i´ve been and what i´ve done. I´m so busy that my memory can´t keep up the pace.

Best concert experience?

About a week ago i had concert in Praha. It was once again unforgettable experience. Audience was so nice to me that i don´t remember anything like that. Roses were flying to stage during the show.

How do you spend time during flights?
I read books, women´s magazines and watch movies. Music usually lull me nicely to sleep.

Where do you take visitors in Buenos Aires?
To Palermo Soho. It´s very fashionable area. Cementerio de la Recoleta´s cemetery is also worth of seeing, because Eva Peron is buried in there. At the evening i take them listen and watch tango in San Telmo´s and La Boca´s area.

What do you do when you get homesick?
Skype helps for that - I call home.

Where do you go on vacation?
There where is the best diving waters. Me and my husband are very keen divers and we love underwater world. We have dived in Egypt, Venezuela, Caribbean, Argentina, Spain, Hawaii, Thailand, Israel and Finland.

What do you have always in your suitcase?
Usually way too much stuff. Creams, makeups, hair products, natural products, woolen stockings, scarf, umbrella, swim suit, sun glasses and clothes to every occasion.

What do you miss about Finland when you are abroad?
Silence, peace, nature and big open space. Sometimes i miss Karelian pies very much. Then i just start to bake them.

Translation - MILLY (Finland)