Good afternoon Mr. Dimov,
First of all, could You introduce Yourself to us? What fields do You work in?

I am Plamen Dimov, the music teacher of Tarja, Tuomas, Emppu, Jukka and Sami- the original Nightwish stuff. Dear to say... the first, who sees and who knows about the becoming stars.

When someone says the name Tarja Turunen, what is the first thing you think of?
- It was Kari Lauronen, teacher, the godfather of mine Iida, now 20 years old, I saw on first time that she is something very very special!!!

What did Tarja seem like to You, when You met her for the first time?

- Nice shiny girl,with bright eyes;)))

What was she like as a student? In Your point of view, what are her greatest strenghts- as a person and as a singer?
- She was...simply..unique..she was the best..simply the best than...

How would You describe the development of her voice?

- I have not developed anything in Tarja´s voice... I just gave her a chance to sing very difficult melodies, for example The greatest love of all... I wanted to make from her a new Whitney Houston maybe ;))))

Did she ever want to give up during her studies?

- Never... She was a determinated young singer. She knows what to do..

During the time when You taught her, could You imagine what future was waiting for her?

- With or without me Tarja Turunen is singer...that´s is her destiny..she is a born singer..this is too simple...

Do you follow Tarja´s career today? What is Your opinion about her solo albums?
- Yes,I follow..and I know very much about her concerts.. just the life is that cruel..we don´t have much contacts nowadays.

Do any of Your students take Tarja as her idol?
- Many...

Are You still in touch with her?
- Not so much...

Tarja often emphasizes that her family has always supported her musical career very much. We know that both of her brothers apply themselves to singing too. Have you ever worked with Timo or Toni as well?
- Yes.. nobody had so wonderful mother like Tarja...Marjatta was ready anytime to bring Tarja to the concert or to the gig..she was a wonderful woman. And Tarja was like princess ,))) Tony is one of the best rock voices I know in Finland..with great future!!! Timo.. we have been on many gigs with him.

Tarja´s former colleagues from Nightwish studied with You as well. Could You tell us a few words about them?
- Tuomas..first playing saxophone and keyboards..genius composer, poet, creator of a new, visionist..bandleader..wonderful friend...
Emppu..lovely boy,melodic guitarist,composer,good fellow.
Jukka..very strict..drum machine,good friend.
Sami..good bassist.shy boy,silent.
Marco..fantastc voice, presents, showman.

You have brought up number of great musicians, could You name the ones You are particularly proud of?
- Tuomas,Tarja,Emppu,Jukka,Sami...Ilari (even, Jesse Ojajärvi,Joonas Tuuri,Matti Leinonen...many..many..Niina Sallinen...

In Your opinion, what qualities are important for musicians who want to become successful one day?

- To play and compose the music they like and want to play...own music...

Quite a lot of musicians say that it´s very difficult to build a career or come with something new in today´s musical business. What do You think about it?

- They must create music, that is something new.

Credits: Winter Storm Czech