The Finnish Tarja, ex singer of Nightwish returns to Brazil to release her third solo album, What Lies Beneath and talked to us about the gigs, soccer, Argentina and sensuality.

Do you still feel some prejudice for being a woman in the heavy metal?
I've never felt any difficulty for being a woman in the heavy metal, honestly I was always very respected by the men in this enviroment. I never had a difficult moment just for being a woman. What happens is that, for being among only for men, it is impossible to disapperar without everyone notices, because I'm a woman in male universe.

Do you feel like a sexy woman?
If you had asked me this ten years ago I'd say no, but with the age some things are easier to accept and understand. For example, I never wore tight clothes when I was younger, but today I like my body more than before. I know it can be funny. I think that all the women are sexy, it is just the way to notice what really is to be sexy. I'm hard with myself I struggle to keep me well, but I love when I see the results of my exercises.

And does this change the way you act on the stage?
Yes, it makes me more confident. I like to perform, I like to be in the center of attention while singing, but this finishes on the stage. I don't want to take if out of the stage. I'm a very shy woman, to be honest.

You've been in Brazil with Nightwish and solo carreer. What do you remember from the seasons here?
I've been in Brazil a lot, once I traveled to Sao Paulo to attend Formule 1 and I went many times on vacation. I like the food, the nature, the sea, the sun. My concerts were incredible there, people show so much passion for the music. Un

Your husband is argentinian. Do you watch soccer together?
Yes, I'm living in Buenos Aires now. And yes, I like soccer. I became a faithful supporter of an argentinian team called San Lorenzo. Some time ago I attended Palmeiras playing in Sao Paulo. It is good to know that the level of the soccer was almost so good as argentinian soccer. (laughs)

What is the most peculiar things abour being a finnish, something that you always remember when you are around the world?
Finland is a very small and security country, I miss there a lot when I am in other places.