- Can you tell me how is the album be different overally from My Winter Storm?

- The biggest difference is that now I am writing songs on my own and with the other people. I am very-very involved, I am producing my own album, I am writing lyrics, I am completely and all the time involved, it will really sound like as I wish and as I want it. It has been a very nice process for me to be involved that much and see how everything comes together, this is kind of like the first time for me even though I have an album already. It was a big step, a huge step to do my first album, but this time I feel like my soul, my own spirit is on the album. The songs are very strong, there is a message in along the way, it is not a concept album, but there is a very strong message. It is like combining all the elements that were on My Winter Storm again, like rock, heavy, movie music, but coming more alive this time. It has been a really nice experience so far and I am willing to learn all these things from all the people I am working with.

- Do you know when it will be out?

-Universal Music is in charge for that in Germany and they have not told me yet exactly, so I can not really tell you that. I hope you will hear something very soon. Probably May will be the time to hear the first material.

- You are playing at Wacken this summer, how does it feel to back on the stages of the biggest metal festivals in Europe like Masters of Rock, Graspop, and of course Wacken as a solo artist?

- It is very nice, it seems that the people, the promoters have followed what I am doing on my own. This is what is happening all over the world, in a way that I am receiving offers, messages from fans, organisers, so it is very nice how it is developing my own carreer and Tarja Turunen today. It is fascinating to be an artist on my own because I am very free, I am so damn happy to do this, I really can not complain (laughs). I am very excited to return to Wacken and be a part of this huge metal event, but of course I am bringing my own show and music, which is not exactly as metal as many metal bands who play there (laughs). It is fantastic that the promoters are accepting me as I am and as an artist as I am today. They and the fans are very well aware of my music, so that is great.

- You are going to have an orchestral show in the Czech Republic at the Masters of Rock Festival, how is it going to be different from the Miskolc one?

- I know at least that much that it is gonna be a shorter show, a lot shorter concert, and since it is an open-air metal festival it is going to differ in the kind of songs I play there. Even though I am the headliner of the event, it is gonna be different for sure. I will have a chance to play a lot nicer program in Hungary and also include some classical songs.

- How did you hear about the Opera-Rock Show?
You can find the answer in the third part of this interview soon.