The performance of Finnish singer Tarja will be the highlight of Thursday evening´s program of international rock-metal festival Masters of Rock in Vizovice. The interpreter opened her heart to the journalists before, saying she was very nervous how the concerts would end because she had a cold.

"I caught a cold because of the hot weather and I don´t feel very good. This evening is a challenge for me and I´m sure it will be difficult, because the vocal range of my songs is very wide and I have no idea what the cold will do to me" said Tarja.

"I cure my voice with water, Echinacea and sleep. Everything must be natural", the singer continued.

Tarja was relishing her collaboration with Zlín´s Philharmony of Bohuslav Martin?. "When I finished rehearsing with the philharmony, I had to enunciate they were amazing musicians. The evening show will be definitely very interesting, it´s fascinating to have such a big "entity" behind me."

The Finnish interpreter dedicated a lot of time to her album What Lies Beneath, which should be out this autumn, during the press conference. "The album has a natural drive, which was noticeable also on my previous record. I´m happy to be able to produce it mysef, because it gives me greater feeling of freedom," remarked Tarja. According to her words, the album is more dynamical and heavy than the previous one, but it´s still lyrical. "I consider the new album to be much clearer, I found myself on it," she added.

She has already managed to do some sight-seeing in Zlín, together with her husband. "We took some photos in the memory of visiting the town and also did some shopping." During the walking around Zlín, the singer didn´t forget to see also The Congressional Centre, projected by an architect Eva Jiricna. "I really liked the building," she said.

Tarja also recalled how she had got to heavy music, even though she had originally studied opera: "I´m bound for it for my seven years older brother, because he used to listen heavy music and I had to listen to it too, when I was younger. Those were my first steps into this world."

The eight year of the international rock-metal festival Masters of Rock started in the area of Vizovice´s Likérka on Thursday evening. Tarja will perform together with a 40 piece Philharmony and 20 piece choir.

She will sing compositions by the band Nightwish, where she was singing for a long time, but also cover versions of worldwide known hits by U2 or Queen. Thanks to Tarja and the phiharmony, we will have the opportunity to listen to the only classical piece played on the festival, composition Rusalka by Antonin Dvorak. The interpreter will present also a tasting of her new album What Lies Beneath to her audience.
Translated by Daniela -Winter Storm Czech Republic