Tarja Turunen's life stories

"I don't miss Nightwish anymore"

"Bullying left perpetual scars"

Tarja Turunen has grown and changes her lifes bad times to a positive direction.
She is no longer miss Nightwish times.


I was very conscientious child and learn to make a lot of things alone.
I, my parents and two brother lived in Kitee. My older brother always supported me, like a good big brother.
I take care my little brother Toni, even though he is no longer a baby.
My childhood was a lot of music and sound and my family was combination; a lot of ambition, love, nearness and tenderness.
When i started scool I was the only girl our class. Music was something amazing even then and I enjoyed artistic freedom.
I was little unusual child, because I lived in a small village and musically talented girl separate from the others. So I was bullied for many years. It was pain. Many of the older girls were really cruel.
I suffer even today stomach pain. I'm sensitive and sometimes shy with people.I have difficulty to talk about awkward things, but different culture where I now live and Marcelo have teach me talk about awkward things immediately. But bullying left perpetual scars for me and I believe that my bullies remember it also.
I know that they don't want to meet me face to face. I've seen how they change the street.
Thankfully bullying stopped when I change scool. In the end I was very popular my teen years.
When I was 17 years old i went to study art high scool in Savonlinna. I ate only tuna fish and apple in a day but it was wonderful time. Wild years teach me many things and it's good. It's nice remember those years afterwards.
I also get back my self-confidence which was destroyed by bullying.

Own way

After Savonlinna art high scool I continued study Sibelius Academy in Kuopio.
In 1996 became Nightwish and from that moment my career start. Between gigs and tours I studied more singing Music Institute Karlsruhe in Germany. There was a busy schedule. Seven school days in a week.
It was heavy. Every day I must learn new song. I learned there also stand criticism, one bad comment sometimes ruined the whole day, but it was able to withstand. All feedback is good although sometimes it hurts.
Sometimes after gig I read fans writings on the Internet or watching videos on youtube in horrified.
I have always been grateful and happy my parents encourage and support. They have never deny me my dreams.
My family has always encouraged a positive madness, to jump into the unknown. That's why I was able to believe my own solo career after Nightwish 2005. If I had not artist then I could imagine working fashion designer for example. I don't know about sew, but I like all beautiful things.


Best light my life is definitely my manager-husband Marcelo Capuli. I could not hope better partner.
I can be with him completely myself. Our relationship is better than ever these ten years although many have wondered how it works so well. This kind of love is fine thing. Marcelo working so hard that sometimes I feel sorry for him. However, he enjoys his work as I and work is that thing which connect us.
I enjoy our home in hectic Buenos Aires. I love the clean-up and I'm always vacuum and wibe the dust off.
Marcelo and I have the same taste about decoration. Everything is black and white. Our homes is also a small sauna. Argentinean and Finnish people have the same melancholia, like tango songs often tells.
The difference is this, in Argentina the cat brought to the table and talk about problems immediately.
I have learned this myself now.


People will always ask my Nightwish times and that is understandable. Nightwish was 9 years part of my musical career and start an international career too. But leave the band gave me a kick start my solo career. So minus changed plus.
After Nightwish were many rumors and arguments and it was hard time, but now everything is agreed.
I don't have emotions for band anymore and I don't miss those times.
Sad loss to me was when my dear mother die. Those times were extremely heavy and sad. But I knew that only choice was mourn and handle my own feelings.
Marcelo's support and understanding was necessary too, when I made my first solo album (2007).
After my mother die I have learned to appreciate the health and I try take good care of it.
I run and swim whenever I have the time and I try to keep my mind clear.
Life has always been crises but they must be able to handle.


I hope that my career continues for many years and I stay health. My both brothers had children little time ago, so I became double-aunt. Someday I want own children too, but now we just practicing.
I believe that motherhood depends own attitude. But now our lifestyle is different than normal life.
We're on the roud all the time. I counter that we are not been in the last five years one month longer in one place. So, babies is not the best idea for now.
I know that Marcelo should be a wonderful father and I hope that it happen one day.
I would like to meet my friends more and organize things better so that I could visit more often in Finland.
I see so rarely my brothers childrens too. Our second home in Kuusankoski is for sale because we don't have enough time to be there.

Here and now

The result in hard work is my second solo album What Lies Beneath, which will be published in September.
I am also a producer, and this album is really personal and important from me.
I've got to work with a great band, great staff and employees.
In the future I have a lot of concerts and tours around the world.
Sometimes I would like to find a person who would see my vision in the same way as I do.
I felt that it was easier product album myself now than try to explain someone outsider what I want the album sounds.
Next, I will go record the music video for Iceland. Hopefully volcano does not cause any problems.
In Iceland we fly a gig in Portugal and after that we go in USA, promotion in my new album.
In Finland I have a traditional Christmas concert, which is a pleasing thing.
My life is full of positive things now.

English Translation: Sindar