When I enter to Tarja Turunen´s dressing room, outside Epica was already playing, and the Van was literally shaking with the sound of their music. - “Sorry, I have to lose part of their show” – she said and looks truly consterned. If you’ve ever seen pictures of Tarja Turunen on the Internet and think that looks good thanks to makeup, lighting and Photoshop, you are lying. Live, the singer, paving the way for a wave of metal singers for her great beauty, natural and simple (blushes and smiles when told that it would become a good Bond girl).

Interviewer: Let’s talk about your new album, What Lies Beneath to be release on September 3 ,What can we find different about him?

I think people will be very happy with it. I have worked on the album three years, writing music, writing lyrics, and I really believe that people can hear my soul in that record. Also, the album will be heavier. In fact, the heavy songs are heavier. Either  I have more freedom as an artist and this allows me to expose another part of me which is very sad (her other part not the situation). I also like the soundtrack, and the orchestra.

Interviewer: I suppose you will play some of the new songs this day at the concert.

Of course. With my band we have played for some time at the concerts.

Interviewer: And how do people respond?

People are really happy. It’s a bit like “uuuuuuuu, Tarja plays a new song.” They take some videos and upload to the Internet, and we see them and I tell everyone were we are wrong. haha

Interviewer: I guess those songs are the most brilliant. If you have selected as the first to represent the album to the audience. ¿If is not, what are they?

These include “Falling Awake”, the first single from the album.I close the show with that song because is the first track heard from the album, the song you already know. You will hear “In For the Kill”, which was inspired by James Bond films. You will hear one of the most epic and large on the album “Anteroom of Death” is a very different song, alternating different atmospheres and times, heavily distorted guitars, orchestra sections, melodic chorus. But not think this is the best dish. All of them are like my babies, I can not say which is better or worse. The selection is pretty good for the diversity present in the album. Otherwise you will not discover new things in every listen. For first time I produce my own album and I’m excited about it. It was a challenge to have total control over the process. And that was fine. There is a such ballad “Underneath.”Some people constantly come and say: “Tarja, this is the saddest thing you’ve never done. And I think “This is the most beautiful story I have told. Definitely one of the strongest pieces.

Interviewer: The album also involves Phil from All That Remains, he sings good cleanly and can scream very well …

Yes, I chose for the song “Dark Star.” The idea of the song is just the alternatethe beautiful and pure song (which I do) and his powerful screams. I can´t do that, I mean not as good as him. His voice definitely fits all the pieces and give him exactly what I needed.

Interviewer: The song has another version where only you sing. Which do you prefer?

Definitely choose the duet. The song is just different. I’ve always been open to new music and new sound.

Interviewer: There are other guests on the album. Who are they?

Joe Satriani, who plays the solo on the first single “Falling Awake”. He is incredible. Germany is participating with a band that is involved in a Capella singing (Van Canto). They did some vocals for the opening on the track. When you listen, you think, What the hell? the song is very progressive and it’s great that the album begins in this way. In the last song is the drummer Will Calhoun, Living Colour, who played with the band´s drummer Mike Terrana. It was great to see two great drummers breaking the room. We got a really interesting piece.

Interviewer: I suppose in any interview you give today, and before a concert, you are asked what do you think of other singers who are now on stage. However, Epica is already playing, what you think of them?

I love them, Simone is now a great singer.

Interviewer: It is not a secret that you inspired it.

Yes, it is incredible, perhaps the first thing I think is: “Oh no. I’m already old. “ But in fact it is really good. When I started there were many women in the metal. There were people such as Doro, but metal was much more forcefully dominated by men.Now there are many and very strongest. Look, I can do everything in this festival.