Tarja has a lot of followers in Mexico, since her times with Nightwish, and that’s why the finnish singer will incluye the country in the second lego f her tour, on March next year.

Tarja Turunen leads a double life: in the mornings, the finnish singer likes to cook, clean her house, walk around the streets of Buenos Aires and teach singing lessons in a music Academy. Besides, since she’s in a relationship with an Argentinian man, the singer has become a football fan and she cried when Argentina’s National football team lost agains Germany, which made the team leave the World Cup 2010.

At night, Tarja is an enigmatic rock singer, who used to be a part of the finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish, and since 2005 has a successful solo career.

“Where my home is, is where my heart is, and right now it’s in Argentina”, says Turunen on a phone interview from Germany.
“Buenos aires is a city that I really love, and that has influenced me a lot as a person, and also as an artist”, she says.

Role of producer

In Argentina, Tarja did part of the production for her second solo album, What Lies Beneath, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the month.
What Lies Beneath was produced by Tarja Turunen herself and counted with the virtuoso guitar placer Joe Satriani and singer Phillip Labonte as special guests.
“We started the pre production of the record last February, andi t was recorded in Buenos Aires and Finland with the Slovac Philarmonic Orchestra. The album mix was made by Colin Richardon and took place in three places: London, Austin and Los Angeles”, details the singer.
“Taking the resposability of producing my second solo album was something incredible, although it also meant a huge responsability. All the musicians believed in me and they felt the same passion as I did, for which I’m very grateful”, explains the 32 year old soprano.

The artwork of the albm was made by Dirk Rudolph.

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