Now after the release of WLB Tarja would like to know what´s the favourite song of her fans. All members of each club should rate the following songs:

Antheroom of Death
Until My Last Breath
I Feel Immortal
In for a Kill
Little Lies
Rivers of Lust
Dark Star
Falling Awake
The Archive of Lost Dreams
Crimson Deep
We Are
Still of the Night
Montanas de Silencio

The fans will need to give 15 points to their favourite song, 14 to the second one, 13 to the third one and so on till 1 point to the song they like less. It´s also important that each member really votes with the points system and not just with 1 st, 2 nd etc., because we want to have the total amount of points for each song in the end.

To take part of the activity, search for the fanclub of your own country!