The Sparks magazine, from Czec Republic, will publish an interview in June in which Floor Jansen (ex-AFTER FOREVER, REVAMP) interviews Tarja!

Take a look at the COVER of the magazine and in two questions to make us even more curious and anxious:


Floor: So you worked on the album for two years. Did you manage to find a new creative passion which eventually became your basic inspiration? 

Tarja: The composing process is still something new and fresh for me. I learn new things all the time, mainly from the people I work with. Gradually I start believing myself more and more and stop doubting. I retrained my piano playing and I feel sufficiently free because of it- I´m finally able to musically express my imaginations and immediately work with the mood and atmosphere of the song. I think the circumstances the album was created under will affect the final result too. I wrote the majority of the songs on the tour so they might be influenced by the place where they were born in. Only a few realise the ambience and conditions which he/she composes in contribute on the sound of the album too. The most important thing for me is probably light. I´m from Finland, the days are not very long there thus you can´t enjoy the sunshine very often. For me the light is something like energy which "charges" me all the time and keeps me in a good mood. 

Floor: I understand your point in the need of bigger self-confidence. I used to be "only" the singer too and I never really took part in the composing. With my new band ReVamp I was in the same situation like you. I had to work in other ways than only with my voice. I wasn´t sure if my method was right and if I was able to fulfil myself. 
Tarja: As soon as you make bold to it, you´ll quickly find out it´s awesome. You can change anything, create more versions, try anything that comes to your mind... And suddenly you get to the situation that the volcano of ideas is bottomless and you don´t now which idea to realise first. But we shouldn´t forget we write the music above all for ourselves. That´s the only way you can feel satisfied and proud. I have the advantage that I was recording with the same band which had gone on the last tour with me so the atmosphere was very relaxed. The recordings were fun for us because we already knew each other very well and it was quite like a friendly gathering. Their trust in me helped me a lot too. I felt they supported my decisions so I had someone to lean on.


Credits for the discovery: Daniela, from Tarja's Official Forum :)