The new Tarja's hotsite is online!

As she did with My Winter Storm, What Lies Beneath's website has a new layout, following the album's artwork. Everything so different from the last CD! New promo pictures are also available at the "Photos" menu.

Click HERE to take a look!

Tarja's webshop is back too, with t-shirts and other promo articles from WLB and Falling Awake.


The other singles from What Lies Beneath are I Feel Immortal, which will be released on August 20th in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and Until My Last Breath, available for the rest of the world on August 23rd.

The album What Lies Beneath will be released on August 28th for the USA. Finland will have it on September 1st and on September 3rd the rest of the world will be able to purchase it!


Tarja's team have released a free version of Falling Awake for download. The song's version has Jason Hook, guitarist from Five Finger Death Punch, playing the electric guitars. 

Tarja talks about it in her latest blog entry:

"My first street single and very personal song to me. I wrote the song together with singer, songwriter Johnny Andrews. The storyline goes around my life as an artist today. I felt it is time to write something positive, since I truly feel good and confident today. I think this story represents many other people as well, so I have high hopes that listeners can feel connected with it. The idea of having many guitar players making solos for the different versions of the song, came to the picture a bit later in the production. Legendary guitar player Joe Satriani performed a guitar solo for the album version, Jason Hook, known from American metal band Five Finger Death Punch, for the single version and Argentinean guitarist Julian Barrett for the free download version that you are listening now." 

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