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Tarja is @ Finland and chatted with Voice magazine. Read the translated article:

"This is what Tarja Turunen misses from Finland

Voice met singer Tarja Turunen in Hotell Helka. She shared her thoughts about the summer heats in Finland and what she misses from Finland. 
- I miss my friends and family and the silence. Buenos Aires in a city of millions and you always have to go futher from there to look for silence, Turunen tells Voice. 
Turunen, who spends most of her time on the road, appreciate nothing happening for a while. She also thanks Skype so that family and friends are reachable and longing doesn't grow too big. 
The brunette is used to heat isn't complaining about the hot weather in Finland eventhough she admits that her face powder won't hold up in the sun. 
- This is nothing, Turunen laughs. 
Turunen becomes serious while telling how people in her home country Argentina have been killed by the frost. She reminds the fortenately here in Finland the humidity is nothing compared to Argentina. There the moisture content is up to 92%. 
In this trip to Finland Tarja Turunen has enjoyed sushi and seen the Prince Of Persia- movie. Tarja Turunen's second solo album What Lies Beneath comes out early September."

Thanks to Afrodite, from the Official Forum, for translating it! 


Tarja got the second place in Rock Metal Magazine's poll, with almost 40 thousand votes. The 1st place goes for Sharon Den Adel, with more than 41 thousand votes.

Congratulations to our Metal Queens!