In the last update we posted the orchestral rehearsal playing Sinf For Me, for Opera-Rock show!


Now, it's time of the choir singing the same song!

Postamos anteriormente o vídeo de ensaio da música Sing For Me, tocada pela orquestra que acompanhará Tarja no festival Miskolc.

Confira agora o vídeo de ensaio do coral!

And the rehearsal for Miskolc has just started!!!


Watch the first video: Sing For Me

E começou a maratona de ensaios da orquestra para o Miskolc Opera Festival, que acontecerá no dia 12 de Julho.


Confira abaixo o vídeo de Sing For Me:

Tarja is @ Austin, Texas (USA).

The mixing proccess for the heavier tracks is tready! Slamm Andrews & Jim Dooley have worked with her, and now Tim Palmer is adding his magic touch to the rest of the songs.

Tarja says it's hard to believe her new album is almost ready... The mixing proccess is ending and, the next time she writes @ her blog, the album will be ready!

A new photoshoot is coming, take a look @ the making of! *-*




New collaborations were also mentioned in this post, like the solo of a guitar player from an outstanding band from Los Angeles and a vocal group from Europe. Who are they, can you guess?

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